Regulations in force

Non-profit organisations make up the so-called Third Sector, namely that complex of institutions that are situated between the State and the market within the economic system, inasmuch as established as a private subject but aimed at the production of publicly or collectively destined goods or services.

The institutions and organisations that qualify as non-profit entities are characterised by a series of features:

  • pursuit of socially relevant purposes that are of public interest;
  • lack of profit-making and distribution of profit;
  • private nature;
  • use of all the resources for the realisation of its goals and, more importantly, re-use of accruing profits.

They are organisations that combine the absence of profit with an altruistic intention, and which engage in socially useful and important activities in several sectors, such as cultural, research, study, care, health, environment and sports.

Non-profit organisations can be structured in different legal forms, for example:

  • recognised associations;
  • unrecognised associations;
  • foundations;
  • committees;
  • voluntary agencies;
  • social cooperatives;
  • social promotion associations
  • amateur sports associations;
  • charities;
  • social enterprises.

The choice between the legal forms of non-profit organisations listed above as a function of the concrete goals that the parties intend to pursue.

Studio Notarile Grumetto offers its consulting activities and drafts of deeds also with respect to the aforementioned subject, allowing the parties to choose the form of organisation best suited to achieving their proposed aims.

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