Assistance with corporate practices

Studio Notarile Grumetto provides advice and assistance in relation to all corporate, financial, real estate and succession matters. We pay particular attention to the tax aspects of each procedure.

In order to keep up-to-date on the latest legal and tax regulations, Studio Grumetto's professionals attend training and development courses and make use of the most advanced software.

A member of the International Union of Latin Notaries, Notary Grumetto contributes to magazines and works with publishing companies, preparing articles, speeches and newsletters. We collaborate with prestigious and internationally acclaimed law firms. Our studio's professionals can also correspond in English, German and French.

For more information or to receive a quote please contact us via:
7, c. Europa - 20122 Milan (MI)
tel: +39 286450055 - Fax: +39 280299813

Notary Giuliana Grumetto

stipulation of financial proceedings

2007 - Collaboration with the magazine: "Nuovo Diritto delle Società"

2004 - Lecturer at the School of Notaries in Lombardy

2004 - Collaboration on Volume XXIX of the "Trattato di Diritto Commerciale" by Prof. Galgano with two chapters on the subject of Cooperative companits.

2002 - Awarded the title of Notary

1999 - Awarded the title of Lawyer

1996 - Law degree cum laude from the University Federico II in Naples

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