According to Ministerial Decree no. 34 dated 8 February 2013, professionals, properly registered with their respective professional bodies, may carry out their activities as an association, other than on an individual basis, also through corporate models provided for by the Civil Code and therefore:

  • simple partnership
  • collective partnership
  • limited partnership
  • limited liability company
  • public limited company
  • limited partnership by share
  • cooperative society (with at least three members)


  • The company name must include the term "società tra professionisti" (professional partnership) abbreviated as (stp);
  • the share capital shall be distributed as follows (at least 2/3 professional members, no more than 1/3 shareholders).


The user who wants to avail himself of the services of a professional partnerships must designate the partner/professional who will carry out the required service. The same will be civilly responsible for their own work and that of his deputies or assistants. The professional partner will also be ethically responsible for the violation of disciplinary rules laid down by the commission or professional body to which he is registered and these responsibilities will be shared with the company.
The professional partnership will also submit to the disciplinary measures in force relating to violations of the ethical rules of the professional body to which it is registered.

Professional partnership of multidisciplinary professionals

The Professional partnership can also be multi-disciplinary, dealing with various professional activities: the relevant professional bodies will verify each registered member's compliance with the ethical rules.


The company is recognised in the special section of the Business and Trade Registry with the specification of the status "Professional partnership" and in a special section of the registers or records kept at the professional bodies of individual professional members.


Professional partnerships of lawyers


It is possible to practice law through partnerships, joint stock companies and cooperatives, whereby the lawyer members are registered in the Register of Certified Lawyers.

Corporate purpose: joint practice of the legal profession.
The name or business name must include the term "società tra avvocati".

Administrative body: cannot be composed of persons from outside the company structure.

Exclusivity: Each lawyer may only be part of one professional partnership of lawyers.

Responsibility: the fulfillment of the service is the resposibility of the member to whom it was entrusted and the company is responsible for debts with its own assets. In the absence of communication, all shareholders are responsible, who also respond to extra-professional obligations.

Distinctive features: The professional partnership of lawyers is not subject to bankruptcy, because the activities constituting the corporate purpose cannot be considered business activity. It is registered in a special section of the Registry of Certified Lawyers.

Grounds for excluding members: shareholders who have been removed, expelled or suspended from the register are excluded.

Legal Consultancy: Even legal consultation must be considered reserved exclusively for professional partnerships of lawyers.

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