Even for non-profit and charity organisations

tax procedures

Studio Grumetto offers assistance to companies and businesses in relation to all of the bureaucratic procedures which are necessary to incorporate and we take care of the management aspects of non-profit organisations and charities.

Our skilled and trained personnel are also available for personalised consultations for everything related to buying and selling property and underwriting mortgages.

The studio also deals with the inheritance procedures, certifying and officialising wills and holographic bequests and by providing a number of tools to protect customer assets. In addition to preparing inheritance notifications and drawing up inventories, the professionals of Studio Notarile Grumetto provide consultancy relating to taxation of gifts and inheritance.

The studio also priorities the protection of the family and incapable persons. That is why our personnel is available to manage all of the proceedings for those deemed incapable by law.

By visiting the dedicated sections, you will have a more detailed overview of services offered by the studio.

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